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Jim Khong

Love my family

Mentor businesses with hearts

Respect learning Respect understanding

Be part of the greater good

Leave behind a better society

That's my legacy

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Jim's Story

Forever walking towards the horizon of a better me

I built this website to tell you who I am.  How my knowledge has grown.  How my values have developed.  How my direction in life changed.  Ideas about the society around us have emerged with the challenges to established norms that some may find uncomfortable even if most agree on their rationality and the facts on which they are based.  My learning journey shaped my values of personal freedom, social responsibility, humanness at its centre supported by evidence-based thought exploration.  I realised that my one fear of dying is that I stop learning, and I hope that in sharing with you, my learning could continue and live on to see their logical conclusions.

While my family is by far the most important element in my life today, they will not be found on this website, primarily for privacy reason, although references are made to them in my posts and articles.
None of the opinions, postings and articles in the website in intended to offend any person or any other points of views and I have taken care to ensure 
appropriate wording was used.  Nevertheless, I acknowledge that my articulation skills may be limited or that sometimes offence is taken because differing views exist.  For that I apologise and will be open to engage intellectually on the matter.

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Facets of Jim

A life of achieving Goals

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Jim the professional

Mentor businesses with hearts

I am one of the few fortunate people who have done in my career what I set out to do while still in college - to be able to advise a company from top to toe about everything.  And enjoyed my journey all the way.  So now, I have set to guide companies in business transformation.  Along the way, I learnt a bit about every discipline within a company and how to sum information from all sources into a single equation for the CEO's decision.  I also realised that our model of management is outmoded as it is based on managing workers as units of productivity, not individuals with drives, emotions and family.  We have to learn to add warm empathy to cold data in our decisions.  We need to challenge management notions born two centuries ago.  We need a revolution in management.

Jim the thinker

Respect learning Respect understanding

I have always thirsted for learning  ever since I got my first library card as a little boy and has since acquired knowledge from many many many disparate fields.  More interestingly, I learnt to integrate information from different disciplines so that from the confluence of contrasting wisdoms, new insights emerge.  Understanding is neutral.  Understanding doesn't impose a conclusion.  Understanding is only a guidepost to better decisions for a brighter future.  Do not fear understanding.  Respect understanding.

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Building a better society

Jim at Church

Be part of the greater good

I have identified as a Catholic long before I was baptised as a teen.  I am a pluralistic Catholic who sees great value to society of a Church of integrity while drawing my faith, understanding and values from other religions and philosophies as well.  Religion guides what I do within an ordered society and it guides each of us as an individual, with a code of practice shaped to our individual experience and values.  I am committed to a Church where doctrine is moulded to better serve the person and the society ss a whole.  I am committed to a ideal where each person respect the right of anyone else to pursue a view of religion suited to themselves.  I am committed to a world that is free.

Jim the Malaysian

Leave behind a better society

I have dedicated a part of my life to help build Polling Agents machinery to prepare for general elections, in particular in the interior of Sabah and Sarawak, the two Malaysian states on Borneo island.  A stint in a government agency followed after the election win.  I learnt a lot about the cultures in my very diverse country, the urban middle class where I grew up, the non-Malay indigenous peoples of Malaysia, the rural religious conservative; and realised the only solution to the division of this country and any country is to talk - talk to the other side until we see the other person as a person like us who just wants to live, not an enemy out to eradicate us.

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